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TAGSS® Posters Presented in 2016

DDW 2016: Mo2090; A Novel Transabdominal Access Port Placed by Standard PEG Technique May Simplify Complex Endoscopic Procedures; Andrew C. Storm, Hiroyuki Aihara, Matthew J. Skinner, Michele B. Ryan, Aoife Devery and Christopher C. Thompson

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SAGES 2016: ETP075
; Early experience with a novel dedicated port system for intra-gastric surgery; Renato V. Soares, MD (1); Lee L. Swanstrom, MD (1); Mark Molos, MD (2); Noriaki Kameyama, PhD (1); Seong-Ho Kong, MD (1); Poornima Donepudi, MD (1); Pietro Riva, MD (1); Galyna Shabat, MD (1); Jaques Merescaux, MD (3); (1) IHU-Strasbourg, (2) endo-TAGSS, (3) IRCAD

SAGES 2016 Poster TAGSS2

SAGES Poster 2018: TAGSS in pyloroplasty & fundoplication, Swanstrom.