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Andrew Storm MDInterviews with Dr. Andy Storm, Chief of Endoscopy, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Discussing future approach to weight loss options

TAGSS Gastroplasty Investigator
No financial conflicts with endo-TAGSS


Future of bariatric surgery with new weight loss medications available

Rationale for antral gastroplasty for appetite control

Benefits of TAGSS gastroplasty

Cost benefit consideration of drug therapy versus single stage endoscopic or surgical procedure


Why lifelong therapy is needed for sustainable weight loss

Potential side effects of weight loss drugs

Will TAGSS gastroplasty mitigate risks of weight loss drugs?

Acceptability of TAGSS gastroplasty among community gastroenterologists and laparoscopic surgeons

Importance of lifestyle changes for successful outcomes for drug therapy or endoscopic/surgical weight loss therapy

Future of TAGSS gastroplasty

PPI therapy and side effects and benefits of TAGSS fundoplication

TAGSS presentation at DDW (Digestive Disease Week)

TAGSS gastroplasty in human trials

Potential pitfalls and other applications for TAGSS

Potential role of AI (artificial intelligence) for enhanced efficacy, safety and ease of training for TAGSS gastroplasty


TAGSS videos which have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals by our KOL (key opinion leaders

TAGSS Antral Gastroplasty – New innovative endoscopic weight loss procedure

TAGSS_RD2_FINAL.mp4 from Endo-TAGSS on Vimeo.

TAGSS Antral Gastroplasty – A Novel Approach to Endoluminal Gastroplasty Using a Modified Gastrostomy Tube and Laparoscopic Stapler

TAGSS gastropalsty DDW 2023.mp4 from Endo-TAGSS on Vimeo.

TAGSS Fundoplication Mayo, November 2022

TAGSS Fundoplication 3D Animation – this 3 D animated video will show step-by-step the procedure of using TAGSS to create a fundoplication antireflux procedure

Long term successful closure of a percutaneous intragastric trocar port

Endoscopic Single Port Intragastric Fundoplication, Sleeve & Myotomy

Novel Intragastric Trocar placed via PEG technique permits Endoluminal use of Laparoscopic Instruments

Trans gastric Hybrid Surgery for the flexible Endoscopist using TAGSS

Video describing the novel and disruptive TAGSS device for potential use in various GI clinical conditions